Universidad brasileña de santa catalina

We are pleased to inform you that the application´s period for students interested in spending a period of studies (undergraduate) at the Santa Catarina State Univ. – UDESC, Brazil, is now opened!


Periodo of study:  August to december 2016 – 1 semester –  or August 2016 to July 2017 – 2 semesters.  (feb. to july 2017 not open yet).

Our exchange mobility process is easy and simple. The student just need to fill out our application form on-line (click here)  and attach the documents required. Deadline for application is May 6th.

No language proficiency certificate is required. However, we recommend that students should have a good knowledge in Portuguese to be able to follow the classes. UDESC Businees College offers classes in English (click here) for those students who does not speak portuguese. 

UDESC offers 48 undergraduate programs (click here). The institution is Multicampi, so  verify the campus city before apply. The Campus I is located in Florianópolis, one of the Top 10 cities island, according to National Geographic. Evaluation of Ministry of Education of Brazil ranked UDESC as the 4th best state university and 18th overall among 192 evaluated in Brazil.

So far, the institution has no restriction on the number of subscribers per institution. UDESC is 100% free, no charges at all.

We would kindly ask to check if UDESC is published in your website as a partner university. This way your students will know about our agreement. List of partners at our website.


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